Contacting Gary

Gary Guarasci can be contacted by clicking the following link:

Clickity Click Click Email Click

All email received is carefully considered for publishing.

6 Responses to Contacting Gary

  1. Steve says:

    um…What is this place? & Where can I buy a T-Shirt?

    • Gary G says:

      Good morning/afternoon/evening Steve – wherever time zone you may be located at, as I have never met you before in my life.

      I’m glad you asked that very responsible question. You can buy t-shirts, underpants or any of your Guarasci Land needs at:

      Guarasci Land Swag

      When you have finished with your purchases for yourself, friends and family, feel free to peruse my friend’s artwork site: Steve Thompson Art

  2. jack in the box says:

    just a voice from the past – great observation on life – always my Silent Bob
    Guess who

  3. Jaime Jack says:

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  4. The Great Mar says:

    When my pet mutant bird was stuck up in a tree, it was SuperGary who helped save her. I love you SuperGary. May God bless you with the power of a Gene Simmons bass solo, and the brightness of a thousand suns. Where the hell did I leave my crispy taco? Damn.

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