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Happy New Year

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The Best Part of the Song

  They were running late for their road trip. It didn’t really matter whose fault it was. It was his. It was always his. “Just for the record, we are late and it’s totally not my fault, yet again.” She … Continue reading

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Coming soon in The Year of the Dog

Coming soon… The Best Part of the Song Bubba’s Birthday The Running Girl An Interview with the Zombie Rabbit’s Foot Valentining Awkward Encounter How to Make Balloon Animals without Balloons Wasted Wishful Thinking   and many, many more     … Continue reading

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Drunken Laundry

    He loaded up his laundry bag with dirty clothes. He went through his quick mental checklist:   Laundry detergent – Running low but… Check                   Fabric Softener – Check   … Continue reading

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I drank and I slept and then I drank and slept some more. I did it again and again. I drank and I slept. I mourned not the loss, but that I was broken. Unfixable. To sleep is to escape. … Continue reading

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The Running Girl – A Sneak Preview Excerpt

She ran along the boardwalk, as she did every morning. It was her time to herself, her time to clear her head. Thoughts of the day’s agenda crossed her mind. She went through the small list in her mind: oil … Continue reading

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Coming… In 2017

Coming soon…   Secrets of a Self-Proclaimed Ninja Hello, She Lied New Years Day Drunken Laundry Awkward Encounter Tidbits from a Timid Fellow Blatant Disregard Wasted Wishful Thinking Interview with a Zombie and many, many more…  

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An Open Letter to 2016

An Open Letter to 2016   2016. Wow. What a shit show, but you know what? I’m still standing motherfucker.   I survived it all – both minor and major setbacks. I survived a lengthy worker strike, rejections from various … Continue reading

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