Happy Birthday Annie!

“What are you doing?”

“Watching Scrim 4.”

“Stop saying it like that,  it’s Scream 4.”

“Stop making fun of my accent.”

“It’s not an accent if you’re purposely mispronouncing words. Are you getting ready for Scream 6 next year already?”

“Naw, I’m boycotting it.”


“They don’t want to pay Sydney what she’s worth and a Scrim without Sydney ‘Tis not a Scrim but at all.”

“I don’t remember if I saw Scream 4 or not. Is it any good?”

“Dude, it’s got Ghostface in it, it’s good.”

“Ok, but I’m pretty sure it’s not as good as the first or the 2nd one.”

“I’m doing that next.”

“Doing what? Watching the first one?”

“No, I’m going to watch part 2 next and then after that, part one. Then part five and finishing up with part three.”

“Why are you watching them out of order? Stop that.”

“You seem upset by this.”

“It’s ridiculous.”

“You’re so cute when you’re Annie with me.”

“Stop using my name as a verb.”



“I’m using your name as an adjective not a verb.”

“Whatever. I don’t like it.”

“I’ll Annie it up with you later. See? Now a verb.”


“Yes, we can Annie it further after I whip us up a delicious Annie.”


“I can Annie this now if you really Annie me to:”

“Why is this growing on me?”

“Because you Annie me.” 

“I kinda do Annie you.”


“I’d Annie you a whole lot more if you watch the Scrim movies in order.”


“Stop making fun of my accent.”

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1 Response to Happy Birthday Annie!

  1. Lawrence Doane says:

    It was hilarious and I am scrimming MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR

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