Yet More Top 5 Signs She Doesn’t Dig You Anymore

  • She buys a king size bed so that you’re really, really, really far from away from her in it.
  • After buying the king size bed, she still makes you sleep on the couch.
  • She asks you what you want her to pick up for dinner. You tell her you’re in the mood for pizza and wings. You come home to find a plate of salad waiting for you at the table, while she’s sitting there with a plate full of discarded chicken wing bones and pizza crusts
  • You have plans to spend the day together and she mistakenly sends a you text saying that she can’t make Girl’s Brunch Day because she has to hang out with the scumbag today.
  • She schedules family picture day but never tells you what day it is.
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1 Response to Yet More Top 5 Signs She Doesn’t Dig You Anymore

  1. Lawrence M Doane says:

    yah! those are five really,really good clues! seriously

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