Small Potatoes

He looked at her with an incredible sadness. She asked him what was wrong but he would not answer. He just looked down with embarrassment and shame. She persisted. He relented. He told her how sorry he was and she asked him why. He went on to tell her that he was sorry for being a failure. He was failing at life and worse than that he was failing her. He knew that she could look past him losing his job. She has to be used to it by now. They have come and gone before and with luck will come again. No, this was different this time. He was tired of sleepwalking through life and knew he had to make a change. He told her that he knew that she could do better than him and that he was tired of dragging him down with her. He wanted to provide for her and give her things but he couldn’t. He was tired of having to buy marked down foods at the supermarket nearing the end of their expiration dates. This proved in the past to be a bit of a gamble as sometimes the meat was suspect. He was tired of having potatoes every night. Potatoes are cheap but there’s only so many things you can do with them before it gets to be monotonous. He knew she was sick of them too. She never said anything but he could see it in her eyes. He was in fear that she would become more resentful of him so he told her his plans. He was moving out and that she should forget him. Forget she ever met him and move on with her life. The life she was supposed to live. She looked at him with tears welling in her eyes; he started becoming emotional himself. A single tear rolled down her cheek and he went to catch it but instead caught a right hand across his face. Her tears turned to anger as she screamed at him that she didn’t care that he lost his job. It was a dead-end job anyway. She yelled questions in spit-fire fashion, how can he think so lowly of her, how is his leaving going to make things better, did she ever once say anything to him. He sat there stunned by her reaction and also of the slap. He apologized again and said she didn’t deserve this, she deserves better. She looked at him longingly and put her arms around his neck and told him that he is crazy. She kissed him and told him that they are in it together and he better not be going anywhere. He looked in her eyes and didn’t speak. He didn’t have to. She already knew. She got up and said she was going to make dinner for them and for him to go relax. He asked her what she was preparing and with a sly-smile she replied, “Potatoes.”

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3 Responses to Small Potatoes

  1. Lawrence says:

    and now, I’m hungry, for potatoes…

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