Mayhem Festival 2012 – Anthrax

To sum up the day:

I arrived at Steve’s house and we then set off for the show. We anxiously awaited our passes to be printed as they were not readily available upon our arrival. After the passes were made we were escorted to the cafeteria. We were then told we were not allowed to eat without a meal ticket. Buzzkill. We then ventured off to explore the area and came across the dressing rooms. We knocked on the Anthrax dressing room door but nobody was there. Joey Belladonna then came in. I sat in the dressing room and talked with Joey Belladonna. He checked his monitors on Steve’s Droid. Steve told him the volume was loud but he paid him no never mind and almost blew out his ear drums. It was time for Joey to go be with the rest of the band. We then rode in a golf cart with Joey to the meet and greet they were having before their set. Drank a couple of free beers and talked with Rob Caggiano’s guitar tech who has a boss Bill Cosby tattoo. Went back to the dressing rooms and met Corey Taylor who dug my shirt. He wasn’t wearing a mask at the time. I saw Mickey Dee and he was kind enough to sign Steve’s Motorhead flyer. I then met Lemmy and shook his hand. The man never said a word. Went back to the Jaegermeister stage and talked with Mike Portnoy who was kind enough to take a picture with me. Adrenaline Mob is such good times. Then we went into the press area where I was able to snap some quick pix on my cell phone. Saw Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson backstage. No sign of Eddie Trunk. After the set went back to the dressing room area to watch Motorhead leave to take the stage. It’s good to have a friend that knows how to draw. Good times. Good times indeed.

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3 Responses to Mayhem Festival 2012 – Anthrax

  1. Mario Russo says:

    Holy smokes, that looks like it was a rockin’ time!

  2. ari anne says:

    what’s this page…so cool!!!
    what’s with the baldness!

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