Still Here, Bitch

The following was posted as a status on my friend’s FB page and with his permission I am sharing it with you.

So… One World Trade Center passed the Empire State Building, and is now the tallest building in NYC. When it’s finished, it’ll be the biggest building in the Western hemisphere, at a symbolic, and, I think, extremely appropriate 1,776 feet tall.

It’s not just a big building. It’s a scar finally forming over the visible wound in the skyline: a symbol of time, and healing. And there is a part of me that, looking at this single, mammoth structure rising from where so many were slaughtered, sees not only the rise of hope and life, and the beautiful honoring of the memories of so many lost and never recovered, but I must admit that at times I also see a huge, single, defiant middle finger, lifted in the face of a murderous enemy and a cold world, a bruised, bloody, beaten but unbroken city and a people, a region, a nation rising to its feet after a merciless pummeling, managing to grin and growl, “Still here, bitch.”

I admit to being choked up as I type.

Karl Vonderheyde

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