Masturbatory Laziness

Dear Gary,

I love having orgasms, I usually try to have one every day. My boyfriend told me that it turns him on to watch me “Self Satisfy” myself.
My question to you is: Do men really like to watch their woman masturbate in front of them? Or is he just trying to be nice, because he
Is too lazy to satisfy my needs?

Wondering, College State PA

Dear Wondering,

You say that your boyfriend is turned on to watch you “Self Satisfy”. Let me ask you this: is it during football season? Because if it is, he more than likely probably got one eye on your vagina and the other eye on the game.

But then again, he may very well be into watching you masturbate. Do you really get into it with all of the theatrics and stuff? Head flailing about like it’s wooden puppet dangling from its strings? Moaning like cameras are rolling in the bedroom and you’re a porn star? Gyrating your hips like you’re Elvis on crack? If so then he probably enjoys watching you do it.

If you don’t do any of those things I’ve mentioned above, then he’s just plain lazy.

Thanks for the question Wondering!

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3 Responses to Masturbatory Laziness

  1. Lawrence says:

    rotflmao!!! btw it’s masturbatory. /;>€).

  2. Diva says:

    your crazy G !!! lol very funny

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