Orally Fixated Food

Dear Gary,

I really need your help. My girlfriend loves to give me blowjobs, and being the courteous man that I am, I tell her right before I am going to cum.

Each time I do that she quickly exchanges her hot mouth with her hand.

I asked her the other day, why she wont let me cum in her mouth, because I think that is sooo hot! Anyway, she tells me that it tastes bad.

Could the food that I’ve been eating change the way my sperm tastes?? How do I make it better?

Confused by Food, St. Louis Missouri

Dear Confused by Food,

The only way you can tell what type of food changes the way your semen tastes is blow a man. Grab your nearest experimental friend and feed him a variety of different kinds of food such as:
steaks, chickens, fruits, fish, vegetables, yogurt and nuts (Pun was intended).

After each bite of food he takes, go down on him. Make sure you tell him to be a gentleman and let you know when he’s about to blow his load. After trial and error, you will soon learn which foods you should eat when you want your girlfriend to go down on you. Worst-case scenario – you got yourself a new boyfriend.

Thanks for the question Confused by Food!

Post script: Check out this site for all of your semen needs:
Semen: It’s What’s For Supper

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1 Response to Orally Fixated Food

  1. Lawrence says:

    and you also become a semen specialist or a cum connoisseur!!! Sexcellent!!!

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