Behind the Dumpster at the Bowling Alley

Dear Mr. Gary

I was surfing the web, and came across your site…. so I read and decided you might be a good person to get advice from.

Here is my dilemma:

I am not a “young chick” anymore, but definitely still have some life in me.

All my life, I have tried to do the right thing…but recently, something has changed.

This is where the dilemma starts….

I am single right now, but I need some excitement in my life. I LOVE men, that is all I have known, but I was thinking…maybe a fantasy we can call it, being with a man AND a woman at the same time.

But since I am single, in my heart, how does one go about this? And does this make me a lesbian, or BI? or just curious.

Please advise
Stuck in the Middle, LA California

Dear Stuck in the Middle,

No need to call me Mr. Gary. Gary will do just fine. Exactly what do you mean when you say you’re not a “young chick” anymore? Are you cougar age or are you Grandma age? Either way they have plenty of sites for cougar AND Granny porn that you might want to take a gander at.

You say that you love men and you need excitement in your life, but you’re also thinking of doing it with a woman? As far as asking me if you’re a lesbian, bi, or just curious… I think you’re just being greedy. It sounds to me that you are just looking to double your wardrobe by being with a woman.

My advice to you is to head down to the nearest bowling alley, go behind the dumpster and start soliciting. Men, women, chipmunks – whatever gets your mojo going. You might even want to take out a personal ad in


Try a catchy title like: “Would you like a wet sloppy blow job?” That’s sure to get you some responses.

Thanks for the question Stuck in the Middle!

Post Script: Don’t snub your nose about going behind the dumpster at the bowling alley. Not only will it allow you to get sum lovin’, but it also gives you the opportunity for a little shopping spree.

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1 Response to Behind the Dumpster at the Bowling Alley

  1. Lawrence Doane says:

    oh sweet baby Jesus you do have a wicked sense of ironic humor! xx Gary G

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