Revisiting The Cobbler/Watch Repair Store Adventure

Not too long ago, I brought several watches in to my local Cobbler/Watch repair shoppe in town to have some batteries and wristbands replaced. You can read the original adventure here:

Cobbler/Watch Repair Store Adventure.

I had to return to the man today because two of the watches that he replaced the batteries with were no longer working. I see the man and ask him if he remembers me, he tells me that he does. I go on to explain that two of the watches he worked on need new batteries, just a few short months after he already replaced them. He looked at the watches and looked at me and looked at the watches again. "Twenty minutes. You come back." I nodded and left the store. Whilst walking towards the 7-11 I spied a new bagel shoppe on the street and wondered how long had it been there. It could be brand new, it could be there for years. I decided that tomorrow is going to be bagel day and continued on to 7-11 in my quest for an iced hazelnut coffee to kill some time. Since I don't like coffee-flavored coffee, I prefer the flavored ones.
(Don't you judge me @DenisLeary)

I return with icy cold treat and head back to the cobbler. He's sitting there with both watches.
I ask him, "How come I needed a new battery so soon?"
He replied, "The one watch got a lot of dust in it."
"What about the other one?"
"The other watch. Why did the battery die so quickly?"
"This watch got a lot of dust in it."
"Okay, going back to the first watch, how can I avoid getting dust in it in the future?"
"I said, 'how do I prevent dust from going inside the watch."
"I have a machine to get it all out."
"Yes, I know you do, but what can I do?"
"Just bring it to me and I'll do it."
"Okay, well thank you very much."
"Whoa what?"
"You have to pay me."
"Pay you for what?"
"The two batteries."
"You just replaced the batteries though."
"Yes, it only took me ten minutes."
"No, not now. A few months ago. They're not covered?"
"No, there's no guarantees on batteries. Twenty dollars please"
"I see you still have the sign for batteries - $1.99."
"Yes, do you need some?"
"No I don't need some. Why are you charging me $20 for batteries that you are selling for $1.99?"
"I had to put them in."
So you mean to tell me, that you make $2 a minute?"
"$20 for 10 minutes worth of work is $2 a minute."
"I don't know. You pay me now though."
"Okay, but can I tell you something?"
"This is very bad business."
"Just give me my watches."

With that he handed me my watches and I vowed never to set foot inside Modern Shoe Repair in Ridgefield Park NJ USA ever again.

The End

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